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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy on the protection of personal data

In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999, December 13th , about personal data protection, AUXILAB S.L. reports on the existence of a file with personal data. It is created with the obtained data in our on-line Store for AUXILAB S.L., and under its responsibility, with the purposes of informing and marketing the on-line offered goods as well as promotional and advertising activities by any communication media. Messages of your interest can be sent by SMS, UTMS, etc. we adapt special offers to our customers according to their needs, preferences or depending on personal and commercial information that it is registered as result of their access to the on-line store. That file, AUXILAB’s ownership, is registered at Data Protection Agency Registry with Customers’ name and/or Suppliers’ name, registration code Nº107539/2009.

Expressly the user accepts the inclusion of obtained data during the surfing or from forms that user had filled in as well as those data lead to the commercial relations and/or the delivery of the goods. These data will be included on the personal data automated file. User will be inform in each site during data collection, through hyperlink or through the form, about the obligatory, orders are excluded. To purchase, user is informed by AUXILAB S.L. what data will not be considered as voluntary. For this reason it is necessary include them to formalize the order. Users have to provide their identity, address and the number of the credit card to make the payment. These data are obligatory to formalize and complete the purchase.

Users may exercise their recognized rights in the Organic Lay 15/1999, and in particular access, correction or cancellation rights, whenever it was pertinent, as well as the consent revocation to transfer their data or for any above-mentioned uses. Rights referred in the preceding paragraph will be able to be exercise by each User through written and signed request sent to: AUXILAB S.L., San Cristóbal 132 Road, 31180 Cizur Mayor or sending an e-mail to info@labotienda.com, user has to indicate name and surname, user and registered e-mail, enclosing a photocopy of User ID.

AUXILAB S.L. informs for accessing to some offered Contents or Services in the Store, may be necessary fill in forms or similar with personal data. AUXILAB S.L. may active “cookies” programs. You can configure your browser to be adviced about the cookies and prevent the installation in your hard disk. Please consult instructions o your browser's manual for further information. IMPORTANT: if the cookies are switched off you will not be able to complet the purchase successfully

Accepting these conditions, user permits expressly the transfer or communication to AUXILAB S.L. of those data included in the file previously referred. The purpose is that the company may treat your personal data to send offers and advertisements by any system referred to our products and services.

AUXILAB S.L. undertakes to use the data included in the file in a confidential way and in accordance with the purpose of the file. AUXILAB S.L. undertakes to keep all data and to take all necessary measures to avoid alteration, loss or unauthorized access, in accordance with the Regulation on Security Measures for automated files that contain personal data, approved by Royal Decree 994/1999, July 11th.


Privileged/confidential information may be contained in our e-mails. Any reading, copying o dissemination of this communications by persons or entities other than its intended recipient is prohibited. If you received an e-mail from us in error, please contact us and delete it. No confidentiality nor any privilege regarding the information is waived or lost by any transmission error or malfunction. E-mail transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure; the author does not accept responsibility for any changes in the contents of the messages after they have been sent. Our e-mails have been checked for viruses.