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Company dedicated since 2000 to the distribution of laboratory equipment, it offers you a wide range of products more than 14,000 goods, from fungible material essential in any laboratory to high features equipments made for the most demanding professional. Our products belongs to two great lines:

Fungible material
A wide range of products, among them worth mentioning glass, hydrometers, thermomethers, pH and filter papers or the widest range of laboratory instrumental.

We offer a wide range of appliances like balances, shakers, baths, centrifuges, spectrophotometer...

Human staff

To provide to our customers a good service, to have a good technical staff is essential. For this reason, LABOTIENDA bases its activity on the compromise and reliability in personal and professional treatment, these characteristics go together with their technical profile and they are the main keys for the success of our company.

We have a multidisciplinary staff consisting of technicians, biologists, chemists… they are available to give you a quality service with just one objective, your satisfaction.

We guarantee you the maximum swiftness in the sending of orders.

We assure you the best value for money.

We offer you an advice service pre-sale and post-sale to resolve all your doubt.

Where you can find us

Polígono Morea Norte calle D nº 8 – Beriain (Navarra)
Phone number +34 948 030 132
Fax: 948 310 500